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"A great way to teach and generate interest in haiku." -- George O Hawkins

"So funny I'm now cryin' over my laptop..." -- Rahmatou Sangotte

"Original and clever." -- Belinda Gibson


"I was recently introduced to your cartoons about Basho.  They are wonderfully lighthearted.  Just wanted to say I enjoyed the cartoons and, if you will forgive my muse, coined them "kutooons".  They are a great way to learn about Matsuo Basho." -- Dennis (chibi) Holmes


"Great fun!" -- Mike Montreuil


"Wow . . . I had never seen this . . . I am totally charmed. The comics are wonderfully done and professional. I would certainly read this everyday, if it appeared in a newspaper. Quite a few of the poems are more than just "good"! . . . the simplicity of the figures, the wonderful expressiveness of the faces in just a few strokes --- that is classic, cartooning talent ---- the sweetness of it all, the gentle good humor . . . I admire what Tremblay has done here: it is the best thing of its kind I have ever seen. I think I may have become an instant fanatic for this . . .!!!" -- Michael McClintock


"The Old Pond comics are masterful and everyone is sure to enjoy seeing them." -- Anita Krummins (co-editor of Frogpond)


"What a treat! What talent! Such a panoply of enjoyment: words, drawings, humour, poetry, tiny stories -- absolutely fantastic. Frankly, just blown away. And a whole month!!!" -- Carolanne Reinholds


"These are brilliant." -- Michael Dylan Welch (editor of Press Here and the creator of NaHaiWriMo)

"I enjoy these cartoons so much!" -- Merrill Gonzales

"I love your ku toons." -- Kat Creighton





"These cartoons are just sooo fab." -- Alan Summers

"Quite excellent." -- Daphne Purpus

"Brilliant!" -- Stella Pierides


"Always delightful." -- Alee Imperial Albano

"You always brighten my day with your lovely cartoon haiku! Thanks!" -- Daphne Purpus

"Love it!" -- Dejah Leger


"Wonderful!" -- Daphne Purpus

"You bang out these incredible cartoons (real art) so fast. It's a privilege to see so many." -- Alan Summers

"I agree wholeheartedly with Alan--your art is incredible!" -- Daphne Purpus


"I love your work. Your comics express so much. Really should be on the comics page of every newspaper. Great! Bravo!!!" -- Howard Lee Kilby

"Very clever." -- Vicki McCullough


"Stunning.  Incredible." -- Claudia Radmore-Coutu

"I love your haiku cartoons. Great job on the February challenge." -- Marco Fraticelli

"Love your work" -- Pat Benedict.



"Funny and useful." -- Rahmatou Sangotte

"So damn good! Adding a spoon of sugar (humor) makes understanding of haiku far better than without." -- Tetsu Kashiwaya.




"Your Old Pond comics are a good spirit splash." -- Louis Osofsky

"Oh my... this is really really funny." -- Annie Juhl


"I was just now, in the morning shower, laughing again, over your comic #19. I really love your haiku, and your humor is just absolutely wonderful. I was on your site the other day, and for sure I will be back there again and again. I love the one with the butterfly tasting like toilet paper." -- Annie Juhl

"Your comics and your haiku, individually, would have been an enjoyable read -- together they were delightful, thought-provoking, and in many cases, hilarious." -- G. Reinholds


"I love your comics. They often make me smile and I can be curmudgeonish." -- Mark Brooks (editor of Haijinx)



"I loooooove your frog!" -- Rahmatou Sangotte

"This frog is having so many little adventures" -- Kris Kondo

"Listen to the wisdom of Master Kawazu!" -- Rahmatou Sangotte


""LOVE YOU! Jessica (now just where did i put MY frog outfit????)" -- Kris Kondo

"I never get tired of learning from (these) very wise frogs." -- Kathy Uyen Nguyen

"It's mad, bad, and dangerously froggy." -- Alan Summers


"Kaeru the Frog is interesting. What I saw on Old Pond is pretty witty". -- Tad Wojnicki (Haiku Pix editor)

"I love the way you build your characters much in little just like haiku." -- Colin Stewart Jones (Notes from the Gean)




"This is great. I hope you publish them in a book!" -- Abigail Friedman

"Put me now on the buying list of the first publication." -- Claire Chatelet

"I want to have a haiku comic book from you. And I'll set it along with Calvin & Hobbes and the rest of the poetry books and literature books I have." -- Kathy Uyen Nguyen



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